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Bootstrap package for the entrepreneur

Are you looking for a quick fix for your online presence solution without incuring too much costs?

This content management package is targeted at bootstrap entrepreneurs, startups with minimal funding and microsites of corporations.

This App Lite package includes the following:

  • Content Management System - Website comprising of up to 10 pages. You may simply add the remaining pages yourself later on.
  • Design - Helping you out with the look and feel of website, including the U/I and U/X components.
  • Online Support - A consultant backed by a programming and design team will be around to provide support should you need one.
  • 3 Add-On Modules - Modules that can make your website effective.


A total of 3 modular add-ons are supported. However, should you wish to add or change present feature to another one, we will be listening to your needs.

  • Social Media Link - Links to your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Facebook Module - A module that displays the FB Like button, friends who 'Liked' your page or streams.
  • Slideshow - A 3 to 5-slide module on your home page that welcomes visitors with inviting images and headlines.


Apart from website development, website owners need a domain name and a storage space to host the websites. Typically, it will cost an additional USD$50 to USD$100 a year depending on hosting packages and approximately US$10 per year to own a domain name. We will help you arrange for these acquisitions or help you with the settings if you already have these.


There are 2 payment models you can choose from.

1. One Time Payment (OTP)

This package costs USD$1000 excluding web domain name and server hosting.

How does it work?

  1. We will commence once we have received 50% or $500 of the total fees.
  2. Once we receive the content, we will commence on developing the site.
  3. If all the content is available, we will take approximately one week to complete.
  4. The product is yours once we have received the remaining payment.
  5. The total duration of the project is 2 weeks, at most. An additional $10% will be added if the project is extended due to no fault of ours.
  6. All text and images are to be provided by client, though we may help to secure them for you.

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2. Monthly Payment (MP)

This package costs USD$200 for the first month and USD$20 per month for subsequent months. Customers only need to secure a domain name. No hosting fees required. 

How does it work?

  1. We will commence design once we have received payment for the first month.
  2. We will host the website in our servers.
  3. There is no contract and you may stop whenever you feel like it.
  4. Once no payment is received for the upcoming month, we will cease the hosting and the agreement will be treated as void.
  5. Once the agreement has been discontinued, we will not be able to restore the website, and a new website has to be created should you need to have the website again.
  6. For as long as you host with us, we will provide online support for enquiries, maintenance and up to 5 updates per month. 

Should you wish to purchase the website, you may pay USD$1000 at the time you wish it to be released and we will release the website immediately. This payment model will help website owners to 'test' the website or even the business first without incurring too much costs. 

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If you run an agency offering web and app-related products, you may want to purchase our App Lite package in bulk. Our rates are as follows:

  • 5 App Lite packages at USD$2k (OTP)

This means that each website costs only about USD$400. There is no time limit as to when you should use up all your App Lite packages.

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