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Since 2004, Scriptorium has been partnering with established companies and incubators alike, helping them to increase their business income by strenghtening their service applications, enhancing marketing strategies and improving brand design. In order to stay functionally relevant, we have undergone multiple changes including refining our business model and services spread.

Emerging Technologies

Since conception as then Kreativa Laboratories, we have always been focusing on our core business - developing effective websites and mobile applications. Recently, we have introduced digital security and content marketing as part of our core services.

Make Scriptorium your Partner-in-Business.

Scriptorium exists as an independent ICT division of The Experitas Group of Companies, a social enterprise whose role is help incubate start-ups and accelerate exising setups. The Experitas is a member of The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (RaiSE) and the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI).

As an in-house support division, Scriptorium works on projects initiated by The Experitas like Societhica.com and Classocial.com, and assisted to develop corporate websites of Experitas co-working space called Suite Experitas. As an outsourced service provider, we also work with branding companies, events management companies and other media-related entities. Direct clients also approach us in view of our lower costs.

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Mission of Scriptorium

Our Mission

Through knowledge, innovation and creativity, we seek to effectively empower our clients and partners towards achieving their bottomlines and beyond. Our mission is ensure you accomplish your mission.

Values of Scriptorium

Our Values

What matters most to us? Our legacy. We leave behind not our accomplishments, but our values that will lead to more accomplishments of the next generation. We strive to grow organically - with integrity, with honesty and with a heart.

Solution of Scriptorium

Our Solution

Working relentlessly to produce the best possible product, providing the highest quality service, utilizing the least of clients' required resources. Everyone knows what is best. But not everyone can respond in your best interest.


We Always Try to Create a Difference

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